Mossberg Barrels

Mossberg is a name all avid and novice gunman recognize. Products manufactured by O.F. Mossberg & Sons have been known for their dependable quality since 1919. Mossberg has been an American family owned company from the start and continues to be today.

When researching shotgun barrels and reading product reviews, you will find that Mossberg customers are satisfied with their purchases and highly recommend them. Mossberg is often referred to as the standard in shotguns. This is undoubtedly due to the versatility of the Mossberg barrels. The barrels are interchangeable within model, capacity, and gauge creating a multifaceted weapon. The process of switching barrels can be done with ease and under a minutes time. Tools are not even required to switch barrels making it possible for hunters and targets shooters to change barrels as needed.

Mossberg manufactures a variety barrels. Each serves a different purpose. Hunting, sports shooting, and home defense barrels are engineered to provide optimal performance. Mossberg produces ported, non-ported, magnum, and standard barrels.

The majority of Mossberg barrels are smooth bore; therefore, have a smooth finish inside and are between 24 to 30 inches long. Mossberg also manufactures a barrel with raised surface to be used for sighting. These are referred to as VR (Ventilated Rib). A well ventilated barrel called a Ported Barrel minimizes muzzle jump due to allowing some of the gases to escape through the muzzle. Mossberg continues to set trends and raise standards. For example, Mossberg led the way in manufacturing fully rifled barrels and sabot style ammunition.

Mossberg manufactures multiple series of barrels. Some of which include the Mossberg 500, 835, 935 and barrels for the Remington 870. Mossberg barrels for one model are often compatible with barrels for other Mossberg models.

Mossberg barrels are available in a variety of finishes. Polished and blued barrels, matte blued barrels, phosphate, parkerized barrels, camouflaged barrels in numerous patterns, non-glare matte blue, and Marinecote are all available by Mossberg. Marinecote developed by Mossberg is a combination of nickel- plating and a protective layer composed of two powder coats. It provides outstanding corrosion and scratch protection. Mossberg also provides a refinishing service for blued barrels and rephosphate original phosphate barrels.

Mossberg is an innovative manufacturer. There barrels are no exception. Mossberg barrels provide gun owners with much needed flexibility and a dependable product at an affordable price. Due to such a difference product line, there is sure to be a Mossberg barrel to satisfy every gunman!